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25-Jan-14: New Camera
not many news for you as usual... tired
But I am quite convinced that I gonna upload a whole bunch of new pictures the next weeks and months. I finally bought my new camera (Canon 5D Mk III) and I am quite fascinated by the great ISO-settings.
This evening I made photos of my hometown Bochum, so check out the folder "Bochum At Night" and I uploaded some new pics of the Westpark here in Bochum. See you next time,
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20-Jul-12: Dogs
the last weeks I was very busy with updating my metalshot.com-Website. Feel free to check out the new site and the new photos Iīve uploaded.
But I have new pics for this website as well: In spring Iīve visited my hometown. My sister is an active member of a club for dogs. There Iīve visited a regular training and made some shots. The dogs were all friendly but got irritaded by the sound of the shutter. ;) So check out the dogs-pictures!
Mood: tired   |   Weather: sunny (finally)

19-Jan-12: Old and new
If you always wanted to know who/what Proserpine is and what it has to do with this website, just surf to my new blog-entry.
For some new images you might get the frosty look... not much of winter this year, but some frost shots might do it!
Iīve uploaded some various nature-shots Iīve collected over the years. :)
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27-Oct-11: Back to Analogue
I have already told you about my analogue cameras and since I really like them (in fact they could be more and more) I like to present them in my BLOG.
I think itīs very fascinating to have a camera in my hands, that was built HUNDRED years ago. To imagine the lens as an eye I think of all the pictures that this eye must have seen. I wish that roll film that is still inside of the camera could be developed, but the camera was open as I got it and so the roll film is useless. :( I wonder what could be on this film... maybe Emperor Wilhelm II? ;)
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19-Aug-11: Blog
Yesterday I added the new galleries and today I reopen the blog again. I havnīt used that blog this much, but I plan to write some stuff there, for example the "report" about my analogue cameras I have mentioned in the previous post!
You can also notice some minor changes here and there! Yay! :)
Cheers, Rebecca
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18-Aug-11: News, News
I updated the gallery a bit...with a more nifty overview of all galleries. But because thatīs not soo spectecular I added two very new galleries: Analogue Equipment and Thunderstorm.
The thunderstorm-pics are from today because there was very heavy rain and thunder as you can see on the pics.
As you might know I am into analogue photography as well. In the gallery you can see "my kids" and I am going to write a little report about it as well soon.
Stay tuned,
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05-Jun-11: Hell yeah!
After six years of sleeping this website is back with a brand new design! I havnīt thought that would happen, but within a few days that new design was reality.
I even used XHTML for the first time and so there are almost no tables but XHTML for the design. You probably donīt care anyway, but for me thatīs new and it was fun to learn new stuff.
I have used content management systems for my other website www.metalshot.com, but this website here is still made all by myself with simple notepad. Thatīs how it was and will always be!
Apart from that I have changed the content of it a bit. I like to focus on photography more than on the previous versions of my pages. On my other website you get all the metal-photos I make, but of course there are many other things I photograph. So as you might guess you can find them here.
But it will still be my private page with some shitchat etc.
The next update wonīt take 3 years - I promise! ;)
See you,
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